From Hong Lee

"clothing series" began from practical thinking.

I was inspired by the South Korean fashion label BOURIE and proposed to present a showroom of their work within a contemporary art gallery. 

In May 2018, Vancouver's UNIT 17 collaborated with “clothing series 001," juxtaposing BOURIE’s black signature items from their FW18 runway within this gallery space. Bridging the bold, dark aesthetics of their exhibition with BOURIE's tailored monochrome looks, this project creates new ways to display and talk about the intrinsic relationships between fashion and art. This ongoing platform - presenting avant garde contemporary fashion alongside visual art - is a defining feature of "clothing series," one that will build and evolve over time. 

clothing series 001 for BOURIE at UNIT 17 (May 20 - 27 2018)


In August 2018, "clothing series" temporarily took place in the heart of Gastown, a historic area in Vancouver. 

clothing series 001 for BOURIE at 51 Powell St, Vancouver BC (Aug 12 - 27 2018)


Currently, "clothing series" is planning to introduce more Korean independent designers to the city.